so sayeth the fortune cookie

I realize that my writing can sometimes appear, how shall I say, verbose? I also realize that some people may not read my blog because, well, my entries are pretty long and with today’s hyperlinked, multi-tabbed, a million-open-windowed attention spans, I need to deliver more of an amuse bouche as opposed to a four-course meal. I’m going to employ a new format. Write often, write less. Sounds like an oxy-moron, oui? It’s not. I’m going to post more often and my posts will mostly be short. I’ll leave the long stuff for the weekend edition.

So here is my brief nugget for today:

I encountered a mini moment of serendipity over lunch today. So now I leave you with a very simple statement brought to you by the time-honored wisdom of the fortune cookie:

Sounds like a plan, cookie

Two major things that I am grappling with. Making time, and vacation. Gotta make it happen. I can’t ignore the cookie.



PS, YES I ate at Panda Express. Don’t judge. I had the steamed vegetables and tofu.


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