i’ve got a question for you: running locales

Several post topic ideas have popped into my head in the past week, and of course the over-abundance of inspiration inhibits me from writing anything, as the Catch-22 goes. I figure I can get over this hurdle if I list all of the ideas, then write my way through them one by one, and all the while you the reader get to enjoy a sneak peek.

I just love lists. So manageable, so useful, so comforting. I share my idea list with you:


kickboxing to tahiti?

running scared

running: a beginner’s guide

rebecca is famous: sports travel magazine

treadmills: not just for lab mice

running like sharky: what we can learn from cats

tahiti fun facts

and so much more…

Lots to look forward to! Today I will simply focus on a question. What is your favorite place to run? I’m incredibly fortunate to live in place with a beautiful built-in running track aka the beach; but I do enjoy other terrain and would like to broaden my horizons. Hah! Get it? Horizons? Beach… horizon… uh-huh.

If you have a favorite running spot, leave a comment and let me know what it is. I love comments 🙂 I’m not limited to Los Angeles either. Yes, the Angeleno locales are more readily accessible to me, but who knows, someday I may travel to Duluth and I’ll want to know if there is some fabulous running spot I should be aware of. Thanks Tahiti fans!

Evening run in Venice


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