who are you again?

Hey, oh, umm, hi. Umm, *ahem*. Sorry to bug you. Do you remember me? I just, well, y’know. I started this blog earlier this year that I got you to start following and you were super nice and supportive and everything. So nice. Gosh. Then, well, then I just kinda disappeared for awhile. Eeek. I know. I could give you a million excuses about being busy, work, prior obligations, yadda yadda yadda, but you know what, I know those would not be good enough. Not for you. Truth is, well, there is just no excuse for not doing what you want to be doing. I just wanted you to know that having you follow my journey to Tahiti really helped me get back in touch with that. Your supportive comments and faithfulness have inspired me to reach, reach for my dreams, climb every mountain, be the change I…. What? Oh, you don’t remember me. You vaguely remember something about Tahiti? It’s ok. Gosh. I wouldn’t remember me either. Shucks. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back, and I hope you’ve retained some level of interest in my adventures because, well, you see, my blog is really lonely and is looking forward to some company. Right now the only people reading it are my mom and SPAM-bots. (Not that you’re like a SPAM-bot Mom. You’re not! You’re awesome!) So, uh, anyway, this is awkward. I just wanted to ask, will you follow me again? I promise not to disappear anymore. Gee thanks. Well, I’ll see ya around then. I just wanted to say hi and re-introduce myself. If you stick around until tomorrow, I’m going to write a whole beginner’s guide to distance running! So come back tomorrow. Please?

can I lure you back in with LOL cats?


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