tahiti via disneyland

I’ve been going back and forth for a long time about whether or not to revive The Happiest Runner on Earth now that I’m beginning to train for the Disneyland Half Marathon. For the sake of clarity, and because I enjoy looking at the pretty picture of Tahiti, I think I’ll stick around here this year. Bear with me while we make a pit-stop on the road to Tahiti… in Disneyland!The beginning stages of training have gone well so far. I haven’t set a training calendar yet, and probably won’t until July; but Brad and I can successfully run 6 miles without dying so I think we’re starting in a good place. I, however, don’t want to focus on training info today. Instead, I’d like to announce, DUH duh duh DUUUHH!!, my fundraising goal!! If you read The Happiest Runner on Earth, then you know how much I enjoyed the discovery of running for a cause. It’s so much more exciting to rack up all that mileage when you’ve got a worthy cause fueling you. Last year I successfully raised almost $700 for The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company. I thank you! Again! Many many people donated. Some close friends, some family, and some people I barely know. I was so touched by the experience. It truly shifted my focus on the whole “it takes a village” thing. I witnessed the powah, yes the POWAH, of grassroots fundraising. I know we can do it again. 

The Unusual Suspects is an organization that I am passionate about, that I believe in, and that I am 100% devoted to; but there is another theatre in Los Angeles that truly has my heart. Get up here, Theatre of NOTE! I’m talkin’ about you! NOTE is the Harry to my Sally, the Annie Hall to my Alvie Singer, the Wesley to my Buttercup, the Ross to my Rachel (ugh, I can’t believe I just made a Friends reference). The point is, no matter who or what crosses my path down the road, NOTE will forever hold a special key to my theatrical heart. It’s probably the reason I’ve stayed in L.A., to tell you the truth. If I didn’t have an artistic community like NOTE to call home, I might have run for the hills long ago. Los Angeles is a tough town, but there are incredible, scrumptious, artistic, cutting-edge, passionate nuggets of community here. If you’re lucky , you find one. I feel very lucky. If it weren’t for NOTE, I would not have met the love of my life. I get teary just thinkin’ about it y’all! I owe that place a lot. I’ve tried to give back by being a good member, getting the word out, and now serving on the Artistic & Management Committee (our version of an Artistic Director. I’ll explain later).  Now I face the fundamental challenge of theatre-making in Los Angeles, and I need to ask you for your help.

This summer I’m Co-producing one of the most incredible, brilliant, beautiful, heartbreaking, lovely plays I have ever read. It’s called Wonderlust, by up-and-coming playwright Cody Henderson. NOTE’s production will be the World Premiere, so I don’t have any YouTube clips, blurbs, or reviews to share with you. It’s all so fresh and new and exciting! We’re doing it before anyone! We’re setting the bar, and it’s going to be high. We must do justice to this incredible script. You simply have to believe me when I say, this thing is special. I usually put in about 100 volunteer hours a month at NOTE just with my AMC duties, so I would not have signed up to Co-Produce if I did not believe this show was special. It makes me imagine what it must have felt like the first time Arthur Miller worked on A View From the Bridge, or the first time Sam Shepard workshopped Fool For Love. It’s such an honor to DEVELOP new work. It’s like making a baby. A theatre baby! BUT, it’s not going to happen without that green-eyed monster, and I don’t mean envy. I’m talking about money folks. (There’s an eye on there right? Money is a total monster) I’m an artist, I work for non-profits, I’m an actor! Clearly money is not something that motivates me, but unfortunately we need it to make great art come alive. I’m hoping that as I run my butt off to make it through Disneyland, you will support me by donating to this wonderful production. Theatre of NOTE is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations will be 100% tax-deductible, AND, you’ll know that you had a huge part in making theatre relevant. Believe me when I say that the world has something to learn from this incredible play. 

I know how many of my friends are theatre-makers. A lot! MOST! We need to support each other if we want our art to thrive, and if we want others to support us. Please give. Details on how to donate are forthcoming. I just wanted to start the conversation, plant the seed, get the charitable corner of your brains awake and pumping. Share this post, tweet it, re-tweet it, e-mail it, comment on it, like it! Thank you in advance friends. I’m excited for the journey. Brad is going to help me with the fundraising on this one, as he owes NOTE a lot too (it brought him ME 🙂 ) Together, we are… team WONDERLUST!

UPDATE!! The fundraising page is live! Follow this link and you can donate any amount. The transaction is completely secure, simple and easy, AND 100% tax-deductible. http://www.crowdrise.com/RunningforWonderlust

You may also always donate by check:

If in reading this you are so inspired to donate that you simply cannot wait for further details, you can get out your checkbook right now and send a check made out to Theatre of NOTE. Mail it to Theatre of NOTE c/o Rebecca Sigl, 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90028. Just put “Wonderlust” in the Memo and e-mail me letting me know you’re sending the check. rebstock2002@yahoo.com. If you’re not a check type of person, details about how to donate online COMING SOON! No amount is too small. I love you all!

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