all i want for my birthday is….

MONEY! It’s true, but not how you’re thinking. I don’t want/need/care about money for myself. I have everything a birthday girl could want. Friends, family, loved ones, the beach outside my front door, the sun shining down, a kitty snuggling at my feet. It’s a beautiful day and I want for nothing. My theatre company, however, Theatre of NOTE, continues to need support. I have received the most generous outpouring of support for “Running for “Wonderlust” in the past two weeks. I’m completely gob-smacked, as they say, and just plain grateful! What would  make me happiest of all on this beautiful birthday day, would be to reach our finanical goal for Running for Wonderlust so that we wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore, and we could just start making an incredible evening of theatre. If you could help me do that with a donation of $5, $10, $20, I would be the happiest birthday girl ever. If 75 people give $20, we’re there. Or, if 100 people give just $15, we made it. I’m totally using my birthday as leverage to get this done people. I ain’t tryin’ to hide it. Make a birthday girl happy!

UPDATE!! I just discovered that not only is it MY birthday, but today is also the birthday of Wonderlust’s fabulous Co-Producer Tara Platt!! Holy cow people! The incentive to donate today is growing exponentially!! It’s like it’s a sign, like the stars aligned, like it’s meant to be, like today is supposed to be the day we get this done! June 18th people. Do it for me, Tara, and Paul McCartney.

do it for the lol cat

Sidenote: Brad and I saw Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams last night. Run, don’t walk, frolic actually, to catch this film in theatres. He made it in 3-D and I believe it’s the first 3-D film I’ve seen where the the 3-D actually feeds the storytelling. The documentary is about the discovery of the oldest site of cave paintings ever seen by modern humans. It’s about the universal language of art, the sensistivity of what it means to be human, the astounding feeling you get looking at what is probably the first paintings ever. Ever! It’s mesmerizing; and the 3-D makes you feel like you are descending into the cave, like you are right there in front of the artwork. Go! Go see it!


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