the 3 r’s: running, reading and roseanne

It’s about to get tough. Life is about to kick me in the very behind that I need to tone up. I’m entering a stressful period of time at work. Wonderlust is getting ready to enter into production. Our FUNdraiser is this Saturday (please come!). I’m opening in a show next Friday! (what?) Life on the AMC at Theatre of NOTE is about to get epic. 2012 season planning. Contracts. Pitches. Fundraising. Negotiations. Auditing. Managing. Schedules. Meetings. These words dominate my vocabulary more and more each day.  Notice that Running was not in that list. It’s bad. Our official Half Marathon training schedule begins this week and gosh darnit, we’re going to do it right. I am so determined to beat last year’s time. I know the only way I’m going to do that is if I drop some pounds, and train my ass off. The two are not mutually exclusive. Both things will happen.

I have some solid go-to activities when I need to wind down. I like to call them the Three R’s. Running, Reading and Roseanne. I’ve introduced reading back into my schedule thank god. Even though I don’t feel like I have the time, I take 15 minutes out of my day and do it. A good book winds me down better than an hour massage. Well, maybe that’s saying too much, but you get the idea. Recently discovered The Hunger Games thanks to Alina Phelan. Get it. Now. Run to the bookstore. Buy it. Read it. Do it! You will SO thank me. You will thank me for years. 

Then there’s Roseanne. Oh, Roseanne. How my life has changed since I discovered you stream instantly on Netflix. You are the only sitcom that makes me even slightly nostalgic for shoulder pads and high-waisted jeans. Roseanne, you are the comfort food of sitcoms.

My dearly beloved boyfriend refuses to admit that he too loves the brassy quips of 1992’s domestic goddess of the boob tube. He grumbles and moans every time he hears that jazzy harmonica start up and the black and white lettering appear on the screen, but invariably he’s laughing out loud by the middle of the episode. When will he just proclaim his mutual love? Lay down your pride Brad. Roseanne is awesome. In the meantime, I must watch in secret. I must sneak in an episode when he goes out to buy cat food. It’s sad really, but at least I find some time with the Conners. The only thing that makes me happy about Brad going out of town… Roseanne marathon.

Running. Yes, reading and Roseanne usually feel like easier solutions to stress, but all told, running actually works the best. Works every time. I’m tied up in knots and 3 miles later I’m warm and relaxed and calm.

The point is, time is escaping me. I have to be very strategic about scheduling my training time. It must happen. I must beat 2:49:19!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Don’t forget Brad and I are running to raise money for Wonderlust at Theatre of NOTE!! As we begin the Half Marathon training tomorrow, can we get some love on the Crowdrise site?














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