how do movie stars do it?

Last week was a HUGE week. Let me list off everything that happened so you can empathize and like, totally feel sorry (and happy) for me.

  1. Family in town for solid week – GOOD
  2. Financial Audit of 2010 at work, completely my responsibility – BAD
  3. 30th Anniversary Celebration of Theatre of NOTE – GOOD
  4. Got cast in and shot The Asylum‘s next feature film – REALLY GOOD
  5. Closing weekend of The Pity of Things – GOOD and BAD
  6. Continual producing duties for Wonderlust – GOOD but HARD
  7. Mental prep for Theatre of NOTE company meeting and AMC meeting that I couldn’t attend anyway because of said shooting schedule – BAD
  8. Last but not least: continual Half Marathon Training – TERRIBLE! Because I didn’t do it 😦
I’m pretty sure I had as much going on in my life as Oprah, so I have one question. How in the world did that lady train for a Marathon with a schedule like that? 
When on set for 12 hours a day, and accomplishing the million and a half other tasks on that list, I just did not have time to train. I missed the 10 mile run AND the 11 mile run. What am I going to do?! I’m a terrible person. I did however, get a really cool devil scratch on set:

all in a day's work

So my question is, when do movie stars find time to train? I’m flummoxed.


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