san diego running adventure: photo essay #2

I’ve been so focused on Disneyland Half Marathon training and Running for Wonderlust that I almost lost sight of where we’re going… Tahiti! If you’ve been following our journey from the beginning, you’ll recall that Brad and I got the idea to run to Tahiti because of a mini getaway to Petaluma last year. We were training for the D-Land half marathon at the time and had to get a 6 mile run in while in the bay area. Brad took us on a gorgeous 6 mile route through dairy farm country. It was so pleasant and peaceful. As I neared the culmination of The Happiest Runner on Earth, I wanted a new idea for a running blog. This trip to Petaluma provided the inspiration. Running and traveling. Running truly is a wonderful, if not perfect way to experience a new land. You have the earth beneath your feet, the wind in your face, the sun at your back, and you just soak up the local life through your pores. The added experience of not really knowing exactly where you are, or where you’ll end up, provides the perfect tinge of adventure that one should always have when traveling the globe.

Yesterday Brad and I took a mini-holiday to San Diego for the day. I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings about San Diego as a region. I’ll just say this, throughout our entire afternoon in La Jolla I saw maybe one person who wasn’t white. They need a diversity club. To live, I find San Diego a bit too homogeneous and manicured for my taste. It is however a beautiful place to visit. Absolutely gorgeous! There are a million fun things to do and see in San Diego so don’t get me wrong, I think you all should take a trip. Spend some time in “America’s Finest City.” (Everyone kept calling it that. I’m not sure why, but I’ll go with it).

I never understood the hub-bub about San Diego beaches. I figured, how can they be so great? We’ve got Malibu and Point Dume here in L.A. That’s enough. Oh, no no no. Malibu, Point Dume? Sorry but you ain’t got nothing on San Diego. The beaches are pristine, gorgeous. They remind me of the Mediterranean. Actually, you know what’s funny? The beach in La Jolla reminded me of the Northern California coast. Now hold on, before you say I’m crazy, let me explain. The clean sand, the dramatic cliffs, beautiful shoreline parks, rugged beach rocks, ocean peppered with dozens upon dozens of seals, huge surf, great white sharks. All things you find in NorCal. Only thing missing is the sun. If you just turn the sun up to level 10 up north, you’d have San Diego. Am I right?

Brad and I did our last training run along a white sandy beach in La Jolla, CA with the seals barking below and the sun glimmering on the water. We traversed rocks that looked like a moonscape, dug our feet in the clean white sand and stood in awe as dozens of surfers took on 10 foot swells in shark infested waters. Yes I said infested. There were 5 great white shark sightings in San Diego just in the day and a half we were down there. 2 sightings being in La Jolla cove, exactly where we found ourselves. One shark spotted in what they call the “children’s pool.” Oh shark, have you no decency? Needless to say Brad could not convince me to go snorkeling.

The afternoon reminded me that we are on a path. An adventure to paradise. We’re on this path together, and I couldn’t be happier. I love exploring new lands with you Brad Light. I cannot wait to get to Tahiti, and I cannot wait to find a beautiful running route once we get there!!

couple 'a birds
brad insists on standing too close to the edge
no picture does justice to the size of the waves

perfect pre-run picnic in the park
ready to run
found a charming tiki hut halfway through our run
taking a breather on some moon rocks
i have no idea
nearing sunset
so much beauty to admire
in complete awe of the massive surfmore admiring

goodnight pacific

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