how to run 786 miles in 3 months

It’s time for some major calibration. If you look up and to the right you’ll see a “Running Tally” tab right next to “Here’s How it Works.” What you’ll find in the “Running Tally” is a whole lotta nothing. I have yet to create a useful spreadsheet that tracks all of our mileage and can be plugged into this web page cleanly. I have tracked our progress by writing down our miles right after we run on a checklist on our fridge. I know, I’m actually using a pencil and paper. It’s weird. I count up the miles once a month and make a deposit into our Smarty Pig Savings account, therefore I can track how many miles we’ve run by checking to see how much money we have in the “Running to Tahiti” Smarty Pig goal. I checked this morning and we’re at $481.90. Woo hoo! That’s not exactly a huge amount of money but it sure ain’t small! What’s even more exciting is that the percentage-to-goal ticker on the little piggy icon has raised to 11%. We’re in double digits people! Double digits to our goal! Yay!!

Sccccreeeech. Hold on there. Before you get too excited allow me to put things in perspective. Yes it’s great that we’re 11% to our goal. However let me break it down for you. If we were on track we’d be 37% to our goal and we’d have run 1,541 miles by now. We’d have $1,541 dollars in the piggy bank. Wah wah waaaah. Deflation.

I knew we’d be behind. I knew in January when we embarked on this adventure that running 20 miles a week while I’m on the AMC at Theatre of NOTE would be next to impossible. I set the goal anyway. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment (and disappointment). I figured we’d pick up a lot of extra miles in training for the Disneyland Half Marathon, and we did in fact make up SOME lost distance, but we all know that our training was not as robust as it should have been. I did not anticipate producing a main stage play at Theatre of NOTE during that time. There seems to be a recurring theme here that rhymes with Beater of OAT. I love my theatre company, I truly do, and I don’t regret committing to the AMC or producing “Wonderlust.” However it’s clear that my involvement there is keeping me from pursuing my goals and dreams that I supposedly want more than anything. Why do so many people in this crazy world, so many people like me, create so many distractions from pursuing their dreams? Often in the name of altruism, teamwork, or “duty.” Are we just delaying the possibility of failure? Are we just afraid that once we start going after what we want, we risk not getting it? Are we just so insecure with ourselves that we put others first so as not to have to admit that we don’t believe WE deserve to take precedent? And by all of this we, of course I mean me. I’m embarking down a whole philosophical discussion right now regarding the nature of dreams that I’ll save for a later time. For now, I’m disappointed. Disappointed, but not defeated. I possess a little thing called resilience.

I can't help but think the photographer just placed that flower there. Am i a cynic?

Time to crunch some numbers. Brad and I each must run 783 miles before January if we want to start 2012 on target. Est possible? I’m not sure. Let’s see. There are 13 weeks left in 2011 (how is that possible!?). To enter 2012 on target would mean we’d have to run 60 miles a week for the next 13 weeks. That is 8.6 miles a day for the next 91 days. Okay, get your laughs out now people, I agree. It’s not gonna happen. Notice I didn’t say it wasn’t possible, but it’s not going to happen. The sad reality is that we will enter 2012 behind on our miles. The good news is that December 31st, 2011 marks the end of my term on the Artistic & Management Committee at Theatre of NOTE. Next year I am exempt from the obligation to work on a committee, and I plan on mostly donating money in lieu of working hours for the company. I need time more than anything. Time to get back on track. Let’s create a plan shall we?

“Wonderlust” closes on Saturday. AMC tasks continue but start to become manageable. I believe that Brad and I should be able to handle 26 miles a week. Combined that’s 52 miles/week. That will take us 676 miles closer to Tahiti by 12/31/11. End of year pedometer will read 1,157.9 miles. That is the best we can do, and I’m excited about doing it. Here we go!


    1. Dude……I might even to run to Tahiti with all the extra-special spare time I’m gonna have after we leave the AMC. You and Brad rule. And your blog entries are so funny and inspiring. I should be answering AMC emails right now but…..well….you know. Gonna catch some z’s here.

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