a very important announcement

Alright everyone I have a very important announcement to make. I’m going to stall for a few sentences and write about absolutely nothing so that you don’t figure out what the announcement is by reading the preview blurb that shows up on Facebook. You actually have to click and read people. So this is me stalling. How about those 49ers!

*UPDATE* Apologies to my blog followers. I have to try and repost this entry as an entirely new entry because Facebook seems to think that my last post was “spammy.” Something to do with Yahoo. I hate Yahoo.

Ok that should do the trick. By now you should actually be on the Running to Tahiti blog site and hopefully I have your full attention. I have an announcement to make:



If you help me.

Here’s the thing. I do really want to run a marathon. I’m so so very chicken though and am very easily swayed to the “yeah how about we don’t run 26.2 miles” camp. My reaction after the past two half marathons has been the same: that was awesome, but how in the hell do people do that twice? In a row? I need some outside motivation. I am up in the air and I essentially need someone to push me out of the plane. That someone is hopefully going to be you. And you. And you there, in the back. So here is how you can help…

My dear theatre company, Theatre of NOTE, is gearing up for its 17th Annual Performance Marathon!

This highly anticipated local tradition is an all-day-all-night extravaganza of eclectic performances, including comedy, pancake juggling, poetry, chin puppets, fire-eating, hula dancing, music, magic, monologues and much more! It’s an incredibly fun event that really embodies all that Theatre of NOTE stands for; zany, crazy, gutsy, powerful art. Not only that, but it serves as a very important fundraiser to cover NOTE’s operating expenses for the year. VERY important. Our little theatre only holds about 45 or so seats and even with everyone paying full price to get in and laying down the dough for an endless flow of libations, there is a limit to how much we can raise on that model. At least, there was a limit. WAS. Until Wendi West came along.

Our Development Director, Wendi, is a genius. She basically blew the ceiling off the marathon and made the fundraising possibilities truly limitless. She invented… the Marathon-Athon. Here’s how it works:

It’s like a Swimathon, a Jogathon, a Walkathon. I get Aunt Bessie and Cousin Joe to sponsor me based on how many laps I do; but instead of swimming laps or running laps, I do audience laps. I get folks like you to sponsor me per hour, for every hour I stay at and watch the Performance Marathon. It’s brilliant because let me tell you, it really is an endurance sport to sit and watch 12 straight hours of theatre. No matter how great it is.

So won’t you sponsor me? You can sponsor me for as low as $1 per hour. 1 itty bitty dollar. As the event is 12 hours long, the most you could possibly write a check for in that scenario would be $12. That’s it! That is it and you have done your part to a) support the arts, b) make this event THAT much more fun, and c) take me one step closer to running a real Marathon. Because:

My goal is to raise $500 from sponsors like you. If I do that, I will sign up to run a full-on mother f*#$%in MARATHON. I really want to do it, but I know I need this extra nudge to get me there. My training for the Disneyland Half Marathon the past two years has been very inspired and motivated by the fundraising support from my friends and family. 26.2 miles will need double the support. 

So what do you say, do we have a deal? Will you sponsor me? Let me know by either leaving a comment below, or you can email me at rebsigl@yahoo.com. If you have questions, chances are someone else has the same question so please do get the conversation started and leave it in the comments below. 

Let’s do this.


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