cancer, the villain of villains

It is pure evil. It has no redeeming qualities. It is a relentless villain that time and again succeeds in taking the lives of millions. Good people. Bad people. Old people. Young people. Big people. Small people. No one is safe. There are things you can do to be healthy. You can do everything right. Don’t smoke, eat organic veggies and “superfoods,” exercise. You can do all of those things. There are people who do all of those things and they live long and healthy lives. There are also people who do all of those things and they still fucking die of cancer. I don’t swear much. I don’t mind when people swear, but it doesn’t roll naturally off my tongue. Right now, however, I have one thing to say. Cancer FUCKING sucks.

I wasn’t going to raise money this year. For the last two years of running the Disneyland Half Marathon I have raised money for both of the non-profit theatre companies to which I’m affiliated. The first year for The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, where I am the Program Administrator. The second year for Theatre of NOTE, where at the time I was the President of the Artistic & Management Committee. It was pretty exhausting. I’m all for people running to raise money, and I am SO endlessly grateful to everyone who donated and supported me. After last year’s very successful fundraiser, “Running for Wonderlust,” I decided that I’d take a year off from “fundrunning.” I just wanted to focus on myself and my training.

Then I heard that a friend’s sister had just died of cancer… and I was pissed. Then I saw on Facebook that a friend of a friend lost her 7 year old son to cancer, and I was furious. Then Sacramento lost a theatre legend in Mindy Stover. Heartbreaking. Then we lost MCA. Unacceptable. Then Steve Jobs. What? Then Donna Summer. Then Nora Ephron. Then Sally Ride. The list goes on and on. I have three other friends my age who have had to battle this evil foe and thank God have come out swinging. My own mother has battled the Big C and has reigned victorious over its grip. I have a dear dear friend who is waiting to hear TOMORROW if the tumor in his brain is cancer. I’m just not ok with all of this!

I wasn’t going to raise money but the truth is, running this Half Marathon and blogging about it is an opportunity. I write. People read what I write. I thank you for following my journey from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t want to ask any of my readers for money this year but I just can’t turn a blind eye. At this time I humbly turn your attention to this cause. Stand up with me against this evil adversary. I beg of you to help me.

I would like to single-handedly obliterate cancer from this earth. But I know that I can’t do that. I’m not the real hero. The real heroes are the ones out there on the ground researching treatment. The real heroes are the ones out there searching for a cure. The real heroes are the ones out there battling this disease. Doctors, scientists, researchers, and the people like you and me who have to look this evil disease in the face and spit on it. I can’t do what they do. But we can help them. We can support them. 

Please join me in raising money for the American Cancer Society. Please, let’s put as many of our resources as we can spare toward wiping cancer from the planet. 


1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Those are terrible odds, and terribly ridiculous. Can you believe that statistic? I’m not ok with that!


If you are reading this and you are human, then chances are you know someone who has been affected by this disease. Either you have lost a loved one, or you love someone who has lost a loved one. None of us are exempt. None of us escape the heartbreaking affect this disease has on our lives. NONE OF US.


I’ve set a humble goal. I would love to exceed it. Brad and I are trying to raise $500 for the American Cancer Society before we run the Disneyland Half Marathon in 3 weeks. We have each donated our share which has gotten us closer to our goal. Please help. Please surprise me, won’t you? I would love to be shocked by how far we exceed our expectations.

Think about that person that you have lost to this disease. Whether you knew them personally or they were your personal hero. Whether it’s your grandmother or George Harrison. Think about those that have survived and the life-saving treatment and medical research that got them there. Think about these people, and donate for them. You do not need to know me to stand with me against cancer. I know a lot of perfect strangers read my blog in addition to all of my friends and family. No one is a stranger to this disease. Stand with me. Thank you.

Click on any of the DONATE buttons above to donate through our fundraiser on Crowdrise. Also, here is the full URL for you to share and spread the word:

With love,

Rebecca and Brad

Some great ones lost to this disease:

steve jobs
sally ride

The list goes on and on, and will continue on and on, until we stop it. Please donate.

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