Movin’ on Up! Migrating to WordPress.ORG

The time has come to take Running to Tahiti to a new level. As I’ve become more active in the running blogger community, I’ve witnessed how much can be done with a website. A fascinating concept, I know. This internet thing never ceases to amaze me. It started with my desire to get running goodies out to my readers via special giveaways. I put the feelers out to a few companies to glean interest in donating products for a giveaway, and was shocked that I got a “Sure!” first shot outta the gate! (Thank you Yurbuds!!!) That giveaway is coming to your web browser soon, I promise; but I want to do it right.

I researched some third party sites that could host the giveaway and came across a great tool called Rafflecopter. They have a super easy widget you can use to run a giveaway on your site, which is fantastic, but the operable word being “widget.” has a handful of helpful widgets available for use (see right-hand side of screen), but you can’t install any third-party widgets. The world of widgets and plug-ins is all incredibly foreign to me so forgive my ignorance on the subject. I’m learning. I also like saying the word widget. If you say it enough, you can’t help but smile. Widget.

Long story short, I checked out a lot of other great blogs WITH cool widgets, and noticed that so many of them said “powered by WordPress” at the bottom of the site. Then a light bulb went off and I discovered the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG.

When I first heard about I assumed it was some kind of non-profit branch. Hey, what can I say, I work for a non-profit so I see .org and I assume there’s a 501(c)3 involved. It wasn’t until I really started digging that I discovered that exists for self-hosted blogs and has a LOT more functionality than .com. In other words, .com is like blogging for Elementary Schoolers, and .org is like graduating to Middle School and beyond. I’m ready to graduate. I think.

Luckily my step-dad is much more of a wizard than me when it comes to websites and the interwebs. He’s going to help me move on over to I thought it couldn’t hurt to also put the subject out there to my readers. Any advice? Have any of you migrated a blog or website from to I would really love to hear how it went? Please share in the comments below.


In runDisney news, 24 days until the Dumbo Double Dare at the Disneyland Half Marathon!! How do you like my new little countdown widget in the sidebar? The colors are awful but I can’t change them. Again with the limited functionality. Even with the ugly grey and pea green color combo, who doesn’t love a countdown?



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