When a Vacation Becomes… a Honeymoon!

Hi friends! If you know me or have been following Running to Tahiti for a while then it’s not actually news that Brad and I are engaged to be married. If you don’t know me or this is your first visit to my site, hi! I’m engaged! It’s all very exciting. Wedding planning is super fun (albeit stressful and at times surreal). Love is grand. The grandest thing there is.

When one is planning an epic vacation to Tahiti wherein the very nature of the trip-planning has spawned a blog, followers, social media profiles, and a new savings account, well, it’s a big deal. We’ve spent years already dreaming of crystalline blue waters, pristine coral reefs, thatched roof huts sitting on the ocean, shark dives, lush green mountains rising from the Pacific. This trip has build-up. So when one is trying to decide with one’s new fiance where to whisk off to for a honeymoon, any place that is not Tahiti will undoubtedly be a bit of a letdown. So, that leaves one option.

Honeymoon in Tahiti!

It’s gonna be a honeymoon folks. I have to tell you, I always had a hunch. Back when we started this running adventure three years ago I pondered to myself, hmmm, I wonder how the timing is gonna work out on this one? I was right 😉

As if getting to Tahiti did not have enough pressure, we’ve added in the honeymoon factor. The running is ON. If we slack off on our mileage schedule not only do we not get to Tahiti, we don’t get to our honeymoon. The pressure! It’s a good thing.

Back to those people who are reading for the first time, or maybe those who need a refresher course, here’s what this whole blog is all about.

I wanted to write about running and travel. I didn’t have money to travel. Brad got the idea instead to pick ONE place that we wanted to travel to, figure out the number of miles between Los Angeles and that place and run those miles. Put $1 in a savings account for every mile run. Once we have finished running the miles it will be as if we ran there, AND we’ll have the money saved away to GO there. This has been one of our better ideas. Although we’re not there yet.

Gotta get back on track. Of course the best way to do so is to sign up for a race. Accountability. In just over two weeks we’ll be running the Big Sur Half Marathon. I can’t wait to visit one of my favorite places on earth with my favorite person on earth! The central and northern California coastline is heaven. Pure heaven. This is the very spirit of why I started writing this blog; that the best way to explore a beautiful place is to run through it.


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Wedding planning and work and running my own little side business. It’s a lot! The usual excuses. But they’re not good enough. I can’t tell you what writing this blog gives to me. Thank you for reading and giving me what feels like a worthwhile platform for my writing. Until next time.

Yay honeymoon!


Where did you go on your honeymoon? Share a picture and your favorite memory in the comments below!


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