30 Days of Thanks – Day 11: Those Who Give Most

Not nearly enough time or energy in one day to properly thank the men and women whom this day honors. Our Veterans. Among them I count my father, both of my grandfathers, my soon to be father-in-law, and many more. My father fought in Vietnam when he was still practically a kid. My grandfathers fought in WW2, one in the Pacific, the other in Europe. It’s hard to imagine what they had to face and to witness.

To all those who face and have faced atrocity and danger every day for the good of our country, we simply can’t thank you enough. Maybe some of you knew why you were fighting, maybe others simply fought because that’s what soldiers do. Whatever the reason, I hope you feel honored not just today, but every day. We have miles to go in regards to how we take care of our veterans, but hopefully at least today, today you feel the unending and unmitigated gratitude.


There is one particular veterans ceremony that I simply must mention here. Have you ever seen the Flag Retreat Ceremony at Disneyland? I know, you hear Disneyland and you might think of silly childish fun. I tell you what, it’s one of the most patriotic, reverent, and lovely experiences I have ever seen in regards to our men and women in service. Every time we are in the park during the day I try and catch it. I mention it here in case any of you have a trip planned in the near future; don’t miss it. It happens every day in the late afternoon. Bring tissues because I get teary-eyed Every. Single. Time.


To our Veterans. We salute you with endless love and gratitude. Today all of my thanks go to you.

See ya tomorrow.




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