30 Days of Thanks – Friends, Suspects, Sunsets, and New Hobbies

Guys I got so behind this week! That’s what a vacation will do to you. I’m not complaining! Plus this month is all about giving thanks and so I am not going to be hard on myself for not writing for a few days, but instead get right back on track and focus on the positive.

Day 19

Since I missed her actual birthday (yesterday) while I was galavanting around the central coast of California, today I simply must pay homage to my bestie of SO many years that it’s gotten to the point where I have to get out a calculator to count them. Friends since high school (I was actually in middle school and super cool for being friends with a high schooler), today is all about saying thank you to Dana Block. Thank you for being a sister. As someone with only one sibling who happens to be a dude, it’s nice to know what sisterhood is like. Thank you for never judging me, no matter how many stupid things I do and how many times I let you down. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for introducing me to The Walking Dead. Thank you for the slumbies, the nail polish, and various other girlie tropes. Thank you for being my Maid of Honor. It’s just rare to meet someone that you WANT to know for 15+ years, let alone get to actual hang around for that long. There’s only one word for it. Family.

We even kinda look like sisters.

We even kinda look like sisters.

Day 20

The first day back to work after a vacation is brutal. Instead of capsizing from the load of work waiting for me on my desk, today I’m going to be grateful for my amazing job at The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company.


I’ve worked for The Unusual Suspects for 5 years as the Program Administrator. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years! I came into the office with less than a year’s worth of experience in administration and human resources and pretty much zero experience in accounting, and this company has empowered me and elevated me to implement all three on an organization-wide level. I think it’s rare for a company to nurture an employee as much as The Unusual Suspects has nurtured me, and I owe it largely to our Executive Director, Sally Fairman who for whatever reason saw something in me that was worth mentoring! I really can’t believe the skills I’ve learned. Like, really. Accounting? Me?? I’ve been even more surprised to discover how much I love it. Numbers are like puzzle pieces of the universe!

On top of my little role, this company is staggeringly powerful in the affect it has on LA’s youth. I have witnessed firsthand the awesome power of arts education and specifically theatre. I know for a fact that The Unusual Suspects is making the world a better place. This is starting to sound like an acceptance speech so I’ll move on but man, I really am thankful.

Day 21

Today I’m thankful for PicMonkey! That sounds totally dumb but it’s actually totally amazing. I never knew the first thing about graphic design. Less than I knew about administration, human resources, and even accounting. Through this silly little user friendly web-based picture editing software, I have now discovered, I wouldn’t say talent, but I would say major interest. It’s amazing! I have fallen down the rabbit hole and spent many nights up into the wee hours tinkering away on PicMonkey. I’ve always fancied myself a visual artist, though not a good one. I’ve never been able to match the image in my head with what I want to see on the canvas. Frustrating. With the computer it’s much easier to tinker and edit and tweak until what I envision in my head matches what I see in front of me. Oh the satisfaction!

The most joy of all is that I’ve been able to design our entire wedding stationery suite myself. Our Save the Date cards arrived from the printer today and I can’t tell you how giddy I am! The sense of accomplishment and ownership in creating all of these details in our wedding means so much to me. I love you PicMonkey. One day when I’m rich and I can afford to purchase the Adobe Creative Suite, I’ll never forget you.


Here are some of my little creations. I know the pros out there will be able to point out the million and a half things wrong with these from a graphic design perspective, but that’s ok. That’s the joy of doing things for fun.

Holiday Card collage

Rainbow Grove with Frame

Always You Note.jpg

Sagan only through love

heart card

Cure for Anything.jpg

Love Balloon

Save the Date bookmark FINAL

Day 22

Today I am thankful for good theatre pals. I know I’ve already thanked Theatre of NOTE proper, but this is specifically about the people. I watched a preview performance of The Invisible Play at Theatre of NOTE tonight and was blown away once again by the talent, commitment, charm, good looks, friendliness, love, and all around good cheer in that theatre. First of all you need to get out to see this play. It’ll make you all kinds of happy, and it’ll be a treat to surround yourself with the list of attributes previously listed. These are good people.

Day 23

That’s today! First of all I’m thankful for getting caught up on my thankful days. Yay! And secondly, I’m thankful for this amazing sunset that accompanied me on my evening run.


See ya tomorrow.


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