30 Days of Thanks – My Bro

Day 25

Today marks the anniversary of the day of birth of one of Earth’s more unique individuals. I’m talking about my brother, Matthew Sigl. It’s his birthday. A perfect day to take the opportunity to say, I’m damn grateful for you. To truly honor my brother and capture his essence would require an article that would take at least an entire day to write, maybe longer. In the little time I do have here on my lunch break, I will try to express in a few paltry words why I’m so lucky.

First of all, I’m grateful to have a sibling. For anyone who can claim a family with special eccentricities (umm, everyone), you’ll agree that it is our siblings who are the ones who truly understand said eccentricities as well as we do, and can laugh about them with us between therapy sessions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I got real lucky in that we are all pretty much happy and sane and always loving; but of course there are those times that the eye rolls and giggles shared with my brother got me through some awkward family moments.

I’m grateful that we are so close in age. It couldn’t have been easy on my mom to bring us both into the world just 18 months apart, but thanks to the small gap we have much in common, always enjoyed playing together, and are pretty much best friends.






My brother has the most complex and unique mind of anyone I’ve met. He’s kind of a genius. It’s certainly a good mental challenge for me to try to keep up with him. I know he’s made me smarter, more open-minded, skeptical, hopeful, rational, and inquisitive all at once.

More than anything, I just love the guy. I love him probably more than he’ll ever know.

Getting a lump in my throat so I better wrap this one up before my boss comes in and sees me crying at my desk, again (damn you Batkid!). Matthew, I love you like a crazy person. When they were handing out brothers I really got the jackpot. I feel truly special that I get to be your sister. You know I’m always here for you. Always. It’s me and you. Oh, and don’t forget to call Mom. Happy birthday!





Birthday Matt



See ya tomorrow.



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