30 Days of Thanks – Road Trip!

Day 27

Today was rather stressful, and judging from our itinerary, a total failure. I worked a half day in the office filled with several hard deadlines coupled with the hard deadline of leaving the office by 3:00. Thankfully I got all of my work done (damn that feels good, doesn’t it?) but still we managed to hit the road an hour late. The plan was to get on the road as early as possible to skip rush hour traffic and make our way up to Sacramento for a fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. Despite running an hour late, and despite the fact that I think Brad’s zippy driving gave Dana a panic attack, I still love me a good road trip. We blasted some vintage Shania Twain followed by the Dixie Chicks, picked up some Subway sandwiches and made our way for the Grapevine. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of the fun vacation to come; there’s just something I love about a road trip!



See ya tomorrow.


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