I Hate Celebrity Culture (VIDEO)

While scrolling through Facebook on the bus to work this morning,  I came across a video my brother posted. It’s a bit longer than most viral videos at 29 minutes, but do yourself a favor, forgo an episode of The Bachelor on tonight’s DVR and watch this instead. This wise beyond his years young actor pretty much states exactly how I feel about celebrity culture. After my ego had quite the awakening as a result of my engagement (actually perhaps my ego had a death and my soul did the awakening) I kept thinking about our deification of celebrities and how it must be affecting our culture as a whole. I won’t say any more, because this kid says it all so much better; and he’s much more charming to boot. So watch, and then let me know what you think. I think this discussion is especially relevant as we embark upon yet another awards season. His point of view has made realize that I need to resist the urge to be cynical and judgey when it comes to our obsession with fame, but rather turn my attention inward, focus on the soul and the self, and encourage others to do the same not with bitterness, but with intellect and love. Check it out.

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