Giving You Free Stuff (and Helping Me a Little Too)

Hi friends. Several months ago I alluded to hosting some raffles here on my blog. I wasn’t lying! It just took a while for me to get my act together. I really do have something fun to give away.

I think my favorite thing about running besides the actual running, races, and health benefits, are the toys. Runners get way into their gear. It’s crucial to find the right stuff that works for you because discomfort can lead to a serious distaste for the sport. The right gear can make you feel like a superhero.

Few things in the running community are more contentious than earphones. Second perhaps only to the discussion of proper running shoes, earphones are suggested, requested, and maligned almost on a daily basis in the running Facebook groups to which I belong. Wireless, wired, buds, beats, everyone has a preference. There is a brand that I discovered at the Disneyland Half Marathon expo several years ago and have since been a loyal customer — Yurbuds. They are specifically designed for active use, and the unique contour and locking technology is guaranteed to prevent them from falling out of your ears while running. That sounds like sales babble but here’s the bottom line. They totally work. I’ve always had earbuds fall out while running. It’s been a source of great frustration in my life, searching for the holy grail of buds. I’ve been wearing Yurbuds for three years and I can honestly tell you they have never once fallen out of my ears while running. Pretty badass.

That’s the sales pitch. Here are the details. I want you to have a pair. Yurbuds has kindly donated a pair of their INSPIRE buds to Running to Tahiti for use in a raffle! Why am I doing this you may ask? Well, truly, the number one reason is because raffles and giveaways are fun. They’re fun to do, they’re fun to win. They’re just fun. BUT, it also does help me to promote my little blog here. To enter the raffle just click on over to my primary website here, or go directly to Rafflecopter here. You can enter by either following me on Twitter, tweeting about Running to Tahiti, leaving a blog comment or liking Running to Tahiti on Facebook. The more of these you do, the more times you are entered into the giveaway and the more likely you are to win.

I do hope my lovely readers will enter so that this raffle is wildly successful. That way other running toy/gear companies will go, oh, look at that cool place. Let’s give her some of our stuff to spread into the world. It’s a win-win for everyone really.

Enter today! The raffle ends on Monday. Good luck!



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