Pandemic Day: I have no idea

I was having a panic attack just now, so I went out on my balcony to breathe. I am very lucky to have a balcony, especially one that overlooks the ocean. I said the following words, which kind of look like a poem all put together, but really they’re just words that helped me. Maybe that’s all poems really are. I thought I’d write them down. They’re pretty sentimental, but sometimes those are the words that help the most. Sometimes.

The sky is still up there
Catalina still floats in the Sea.
This tree is here
Still stands.
The birds still fly
The birds still have to eat lizards
The lizards must still avoid the birds
I wish I was a bird
But I am not a lizard.
The flowers are blooming

Right now

And Catalina still floats in the Sea

The sun is there
Pushing out, further way, from something
We still spin around it for some reason.
The wind is merciful
The Sea is in us
And Catalina still floats.

But it’s not floating at all.
It’s not going anywhere.
It’s right there still.
As far as I’ll know, always.



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