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Running with Wings: Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014

Hi there! If you haven’t heard, I’ve given up Facebook for Lent. This means I’m going to have a lot more time and focus devoted to my writing. I’m so excited! While I compile all of my new though currently scattered thoughts and plans for future posts, I want to share with you the latest from the greatest Brad Light, my one and only. While I document the written account, Brad has the visual component covered of our journey to Tahiti. The latest offering is a video recap of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon which we ran in January of this year (2014). Judging from this awesome video, you’d never know I was completely and utterly exhausted! Well, you kind of get an inkling that I’m hurting from the brief and blunt interview at the end. Just speaking my mind šŸ™‚

And no, Brad is not dressed as a dinosaur or an alien shark. He’s the Crocodile people! Tick Tock!

Did you run the Tink Half this year? How did it go?


Movin’ on Up! Migrating to WordPress.ORG

The time has come to take Running to Tahiti to a new level. As I’ve become more active in the running blogger community, I’ve witnessed how much can be done with a website. A fascinating concept, I know. This internet thing never ceases to amaze me. It started with my desire to get running goodies out to my readers via special giveaways. I put the feelers out to a few companies to glean interest in donating products for a giveaway, and was shocked that I got a “Sure!” first shot outta the gate! (Thank you Yurbuds!!!) That giveaway is coming to your web browser soon, I promise; but I want to do it right.

I researched some third party sites that could host the giveaway and came across a great tool called Rafflecopter. They have a super easy widget you can use to run a giveaway on your site, which is fantastic, but the operable word being “widget.” WordPress.com has a handful of helpful widgets available for use (see right-hand side of screen), but you can’t install any third-party widgets. The world of widgets and plug-ins is all incredibly foreign to me so forgive my ignorance on the subject. I’m learning. I also like saying the word widget. If you say it enough, you can’t help but smile. Widget.

Long story short, I checked out a lot of other great blogs WITH cool widgets, and noticed that so many of them said “powered by WordPress” at the bottom of the site. Then a light bulb went off and I discovered the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG.

When I first heard about WP.org I assumed it was some kind of non-profit branch. Hey, what can I say, I work for a non-profit so I see .org and I assume there’s a 501(c)3 involved. It wasn’t until I really started digging that I discovered that WP.org exists for self-hosted blogs and has a LOT more functionality than .com. In other words, .com is like blogging for Elementary Schoolers, and .org is like graduating to Middle School and beyond. I’m ready to graduate. I think.

Luckily my step-dad is much more of a wizard than me when it comes to websites and the interwebs. He’s going to help me move on over to WordPress.org. I thought it couldn’t hurt to also put the subject out there to my readers. Any advice? Have any of you migrated a blog or website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I would really love to hear how it went? Please share in the comments below.


In runDisney news, 24 days until the Dumbo Double Dare at the Disneyland Half Marathon!! How do you like my new little countdown widget in the sidebar? The colors are awful but I can’t change them. Again with the limited functionality. Even with the ugly grey and pea green color combo, who doesn’t love a countdown?


write to write, love to love

Today I write about nothing interesting. Seriously, if you read my blog because you find what I say somehow insightful or intriguing, do yourself a favor and stop now.

Still reading? Ok, I warned you.

Lately I’ve been thinking, a lot. Not in a bad way. Not in a way that feels out of control or all-encompassing. I know what that feels like and this isn’t it. This feels like exploration and discovery and love. I suppose a more correct way of putting it would be, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. What I’ve discovered is peace, and faith.

I want to write it all down, but I feel so much and I feel more and more everyday. More and more thoughts enter my head that I feel I must write down. I don’t, and they slip away. I’m no great orator. I hate standing in front of people and speaking, ESPECIALLY on the fly. Give me time to plan. Give me a speech to write. Then let someone else read it. I’m a writer, not a speaker. I know what you’re thinking, “but you’re an actor.” Yes, but those are other people’s words. That’s a character I have theĀ privilegeĀ of hiding behind. Standing up in front of humans and talking about myself? It doesn’t scare me. I’m just no good at it. I feel complex feelings and I have even more complex thoughts but I can’t put them into words easily like some. I know people who can perfectly explain what they think and feel without effort. They feel something and the words to describe the feeling pour out like a work of art. The good universe did not gift me with such talent. But that’s ok. That’s why I write. I write on a quest. My quest to write down my experience of this crazy beautiful world in the exact most perfect and clear way I can imagine is just like chasing a fairy. So beautiful, so magical, so just out of reach. The chase never ends. You must continue to believe in fairies, after all, in order to chase them.

I’m not writing about anything that makes sense. I know that. So I’m sorry if you bothered to read this post. Mostly I just wanted to get back into the habit of writing. The habit of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. I think this post just fell on the kitchen floor, but that’s ok, at least I threw it! I’ll throw more tomorrow. Mmmm, spaghetti.

I’ll end with this thought: Love is enough. Love is beautiful. Love means many things. Love solves everything. I’m just grateful to have so much love in my life. So grateful.


but the picture is so purdy

Alright, alright, I’ll fix it. I have received feedback from several different people that the Running to Tahiti blog is rather difficult to read with the scenic tropical background. My response to that is, but it’s so pretty! I would, however, rather you all not go blind reading my blog, so I’ll fix it, I promise. Stay tuned for the changes. Don’t give up on me just yet. I promise to improve for your viewing pleasure. And Happy Memorial Day everyone!

My dad, a Vietnam vet, has many times described to me in detail the grueling pain of basic training. The part that always sticks out to me is how he would have to run miles and miles in full on fatigues, combat boots, pounds of gear; and all in the sweltering heat. I’ll run an extra mile today for you Dad. A small homage to the service you’ve given to our country.

who are you again?

Hey, oh, umm, hi. Umm, *ahem*. Sorry to bug you. Do you remember me? I just, well, y’know. I started this blog earlier this year that I got you to start following and you were super nice and supportive and everything. So nice. Gosh. Then, well, then I just kinda disappeared for awhile. Eeek. I know. I could give you a million excuses about being busy, work, prior obligations, yadda yadda yadda, but you know what, I know those would not be good enough. Not for you. Truth is, well, there is just no excuse for not doing what you want to be doing. I just wanted you to know that having you follow my journey to Tahiti really helped me get back in touch with that. Your supportive comments and faithfulness have inspired me to reach, reach for my dreams, climb every mountain, be the change I…. What? Oh, you don’t remember me. You vaguely remember something about Tahiti? It’s ok. Gosh. I wouldn’t remember me either. Shucks. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’m back, and I hope you’ve retained some level of interest in my adventures because, well, you see, my blog is really lonely and is looking forward to some company. Right now the only people reading it are my mom and SPAM-bots. (Not that you’re like a SPAM-bot Mom. You’re not! You’re awesome!) So, uh, anyway, this is awkward. I just wanted to ask, will you follow me again? I promise not to disappear anymore. Gee thanks. Well, I’ll see ya around then. I just wanted to say hi and re-introduce myself. If you stick around until tomorrow, I’m going to write a whole beginner’s guide to distance running! So come back tomorrow. Please?

can I lure you back in with LOL cats?