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neil labute happens

I did a decent job of staying on track last week, and even managed to run 8 miles on Saturday. I felt so good during that long run that somewhere around mile 5 I thought to myself “Wow, this is awesome. I bet I could run 10 miles. Heck! I bet I could even run 13 miles and not have to worry about training for the D-land 1/2 Marathon coming up!” I felt pretty high. That sentiment quickly faded away around mile 7 when my ankle started to swell, my vision started to blur and my breathing began to sound less human and more choking sea lion. But, I did finish 8 miles.

It feels good to be back on track. The recovery time wasn’t even that bad. I certainly hurt that night. I got home, promptly fell onto the couch, and took a long nap with Sharky (my favorite little nap buddy); but by the time I woke up on Sunday morning and started moving around a bit, I felt fine. It’s amazing how quickly one’s body bounces back into shape.

Brad, on the other hand, gets a free pass for last week and this week. It’s only fair. You see, some say sh*t happens, some say life happens, I say Neil LaBute happens. Brad, you see, found out last week that he was cast as the understudy for the leading role in Neil LaBute’s latest show, The Break of Noon, opening at The Geffen Playhouse in a few short days. Not only is he understudying¬† Kevin Anderson in the lead role (go Brad go!), but the lead has a 6 page monologue + a 4 page monologue + a whole lotta dialogue in between. You do the math. Needless to say, the only words I’ve heard from Brad in the past few days have been mumblings about a shooting, good vs. evil, and someone called Diaz. All part of the play, I hope presume. I’m so proud of my man for landing such a kick-ass opportunity. Thus, I bestow upon him a free pass from Running to Tahiti. If we make it there a few weeks later than planned, it’ll be for a good reason. He can use all that money the Geffen is paying him to buy me something nice on the island.